Prevent and Get Rid of Annoying Fungus Gnats, Naturally - Garden Therapy

You know those tiny little flies that appear in a cloud every time you water your houseplants? Here is what to do about them.

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Paper cups are collected in our residential recycling here in Vancouver, but even so many people still throw them away. 2.6 million cups get thrown away in my city alone each week! Please get a reusable cup, friends!

How to Do a Soil pH Test at Home

Do you know your garden's pH level? It's easy to find out.


How to hang a pot.

Mason Jar Sprouts: Mung Beans and Green Peas - Garden Therapy

Add a nutrient boost to your meals with homegrown sprouts.

Sprawling Maya cities uncovered by lasers

The archaeologists were struck by the "incredible defensive features", which included walls, fortresses and moats.

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One of my favorite ways to display air plants is inside seashells. The long, reaching leaves look like tentacles, making the whole thing resemble some kind of mythical creature of the deep.

See my other seashell/air plant creations:


Very pretty.

Jar-to-Table Gardening: Grow Your Own Spicy, Sweet, and Crispy Sprouts - Garden Therapy

Grow your own multivitamins! This shows you how to grow three different sprout blends right on your countertop.

The Magpie Whisperer

A water park for magpies!

I <3 these NRG tools! Ergonomically designed curved handles specifically intended to make gripping the tool easier on those with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Here are a TON of accessible tools to get you back to the garden: #Sponsored

Plant Spring Bulbs for an Outstanding Summer Display - Garden Therapy

What are you planting this spring?

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You may have noticed how much I love air plants - they are so versatile and can be displayed pretty much anywhere because they don't need soil, so they are one of my top picks for terrariums.

For my other favorite terrarium plants, see this post:

Garden Therapy Seed Collection Kit #2 Unboxing

Hooray! Today we are launching the next edition of the Garden Therapy Seed Collection DIY Kits! Watch me open the box and reveal all that is included in this kit right from my kitchen (PS: that's a hint!).

Here are the kits on the shop:

Adam Savage

The beautiful world of caterpillars.

Rest Easy with these Herbs for Sleep - Garden Therapy

Adding herbs to your bedtime routine can help you sleep better.


Do you have a garden helper like this?

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What are you giving to your Valentine today?

See how I made this Succulent sweetheart container out of a tin from Valentine's chocolates:

Mother Natured

My kind of confetti!

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Planting chives in the garden deters aphids and spider mites, plus they make a yummy addition to a spring salad.

Read about more plants that discourage pests:

Are You Serious?

Have you ever seen a white peacock?

Fascinating Herbal Histories from Around the World - Garden Therapy

People have been using herbs in different ways for thousands of years. Here is a brief history of some common culinary herbs.

These Accessible Tools will get You Back into the Garden! - Garden Therapy

Some great tools that make it easier to garden if you have physical limitations.#sponsored

Tech Insider

Let's hope these inventions get widespread use!

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Does your air plant need a little help? These tips will perk it right up:

George Takei Presents

And it lights up!

Valentines That Grow! Seed-Paper Valentine's Day Cards - Garden Therapy

A thoughtful and sweet DIY for Valentine's Day.

UNILAD Adventure

Have you been here?!

Mix Herbs and Vegetables in the Garden to Deter Pests Naturally - Garden Therapy

A little strategic planting can keep your garden pest free without any harmful chemicals.

Animal Planet

Suds and sloths.

Come see my Crafting with Air Plants and Wire workshop at the Northwest Flower and Garden show DIY Stage at 1:30 today and see how I made this living necklace!⠀

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Saw this Japanese Maple Bonsai at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and couldn't stop admiring it. So perfect. So complete. So small.


Yes or no?

Crafting with Air Plants and Wire - Garden Therapy

It's very common to use glue to affix air plants to other materials, but don't! Use wire instead -- your plants will thank you.

The Humane League

Has anyone tried this technique?

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No, this isn't just a piece of decorative garden art (although it is that as well!). It's a habitat that attracts beneficial insects to your garden and gives them a place to live in the winter.

Build a bug hotel:

Ultra-Healing Foot Balm - Garden Therapy

Whether you spend your day in high heels, work boots, or flip flops, this healing balm is just the thing to perk up tired feet.


Amazing that these colors are all from plants!!!

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Gorgeous golden hops. They make good beer (of course) but they are also great for stuffing in dream pillows! The calming aroma will send you off to dreamland in no time. Or is that the beer...?

Learn more:

What fun I had at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle doing live demos of craft projects using air plants and wire. Here is one of the projects, river stone and copper wire table stands. TIP: this is copper COLORED craft wire (not real copper) because copper is toxic to air plants. The wire also comes in a rainbow of other colors.

A NOT so secret garden.

Some hummingbird love to start your day.

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Throwback to flowering chives last summer.

The Herbal Guide to Sage: an Easy-Growing Healing Herb - Garden Therapy

There's more to sage than you think! Plant it to deter pests and attract beneficial insects to the garden.

World Economic Forum

My city (Vancouver BC) has adopted many of these practices as well. I'm shocked when I travel to places that don't have multiple recycling bins in public spaces that are clearly marked for paper, plastics, compost, and garbage. We have a huge green (yard waste and compost) bin and a tiny trash bin provided by the city. They take trash every 2 weeks and green bin + recyclables every week. We also get the finished compost delivered for free in May for the garden! Do have this or wish you had this in your city?

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