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Do you grow a tea garden?

The Essential Guide to Rosemary: Care, Uses, and Healing Benefits - Garden Therapy

Did you know you can use rosemary as a pest deterrent? Simply spritz rosemary essential oil diluted with water in areas prone to pest infestation to deter mice and unwanted insects.

I love rosemary and use it for a ton of things. See what else I do with it in this post.

The Creative Vegetable Gardener

I'd love to know your answer!

Be who you are!

Earth Guardians

What a great idea!

The Nature Prescription

Get dirty!

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This pink grapefruit and lavender soap is a refreshing recipe to get sudsy with.



A festive way to use terracotta pots!

Clay Acorn Ornaments

I LOVE these sweet clay acorns. See how to make them in this video (it's easy!).

Self Reliant School

I can't resist a new handmade soap recipe!

Do you garden with an animal friend? Share a photo of your pet in the comments!

Tasty Vegetarian

Some inspiration for breakfast this morning!

A quick guide to winter rose pruning

Do you grow roses? Here are some tips for winter pruning.

All-Natural Vapor Rub Recipe - Garden Therapy

Relieve winter-cold congestion with this all-natural vapo rub recipe.

We Stand Together

Gardening is for everyone!

I'm curious...Where in the world are you and what's happening in your garden this November?

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I'm so glad I got a chance to check out this inspiring urban green space.

Take a virtual walk through the High Line:


Weird and wonderful marine life.

Do you still have fall leaves on the ground or have they been covered with snow?

Brit + Co

I've seen these in person and they are amazing.

In praise of 'scruffy hospitality'

"If we only share meals with friends when we’re excellent, we aren’t truly sharing life together."

Empress of Dirt Creative Gardening

Meatball LOVES these.

Garden Answer

Do you know what to do with perennials in the fall?

Pressed Herb Candles

These pressed rosemary candles are a wonderful gift from the garden! See how to make them in the video below.

Learn How to Overwinter Herbs and Keep them Happy All Year - Garden Therapy

All outdoor herbs will benefit from a two-to-four-inch layer of mulch to prevent the ground from freezing and to shield them from the harsh winter cold. Some herbs will need extra coverage in the form of a burlap wrap, cardboard box, or horticultural fleece over them to keep them insulated.

See my tips on overwintering herbs!


I do this with veggie scraps and leftover chicken bones!

"We can learn a lot from trees: they're always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward."
--Terri Guillemets

George Takei

For the stylish (and shedding) dog in your life.

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I love the look of fresh evergreen wreaths made with a bit of everything from the backyard.

Bonus: they are frugal and fun to make!


Garden Answer

A crafty way to bring nature indoors.

How to Grow an Amaryllis Indoors for Stunning Winter Blooms - Garden Therapy

Do you grow amaryllis indoors? The big, cheery blooms are just the pick-me-up I need during the long, cold days of winter.

Must Do Travels


“I’m a dirt person. I trust the dirt. I don’t trust diamonds and gold.”
–Eartha Kitt


Breakfast time!

Too much negativity? Take a walk in nature

A foolproof antidote to a bad mood.

Homemade Gifts Ideas

I love to give handmade gifts inspired by nature for the holidays. Here are some great ideas!


A scuba garden!

Common Garden Superstitions and Their Origins - Garden Therapy

Did you know that scarecrows date back to ancient Greece? Or that the dew on Lady's Mantle was once thought to have magical properties?

The Dodo

Lazarus is now healthy and living with the family that saved his life.

The Dodo

Which are you?

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.

'Humongous fungus' fascinates researchers

Interesting! The world's largest organism might not be what you expect.

These Aren't Your Grandma's Houseplants! Indoor Plant Projects for Modern Day Decor - Garden Therapy

At this time of year, I love to play with my houseplants! If you're stuck for creative ways to display houseplants, you might like this post on modern houseplant design.


Talk about upcycling!

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I love this fountain that's been planted with succulents and brought indoors for the winter. The succulents, sand, and tiny glowing lights make it feel festive and magical.

This photo is from my post on different ways to winterize a water feature:

This is my favorite picture of my son, getting his hands in the soil just like mom. Do you garden with kids?

The Dodo

Pets can help so much in hard times.

Natural remedies for seasonal affective disorder

Natural ways to combat SAD.


Do you keep hens?

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