Have you heard of these tiny wildcats before?

Rustic pots and lush green plants make for a stunning display, like this one from The Tao of Dana.

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Ixtapan del Oro, Pueblo Mágico


ABC News

Want to get fit? Work on a farm!

Easy Homemade Bath Salts Recipe - Garden Therapy

Soak your troubles away with homemade soothing bath salts.

Succulent Container Gardens

Interesting idea! What do you think?

all-natural hand sanitizer recipe with Thieve's oil

Keep germs at bay naturally with this recipe.

BBC News

A whale of a rescue!

Delicate orchid blooms look beautiful in this structured geodesic terrarium by Restoration Hardware.

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Beware of Darth Chipmunk.

Make Mine the Burlap Wrap

The interesting phenomenon of burlapping.

All-Natural Dog Deodorant Spray - Garden Therapy

Pooch a little too pungent? Try this all-natural doggie deodorant. It's gentle on Fido's skin and keeps him smelling fresh, so you'll both be happy.

Blooming Nature

Feeding time <3

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I don't want a bunch of potentially harmful chemicals hanging around my house, so I skip store-bought household cleaners and make my own. It is infused with cinnamon and orange peel, so it smells lovely, naturally.


ABC News

A beautiful frozen waterfall.

Terrarium inspiration in all shapes and sizes from Better Homes & Gardens.

See Better Homes & Gardens' top tips for terrariums:


I can't get enough of these bats.

30+ Sweet Handmade Ideas for Garden Wedding Favors - Garden Therapy

Do you have a wedding or other special event coming up this year? These garden-inspired favors are sure to bring a smile to your guests.

9 Stylish Houseplants (And How To Not Immediately Kill Them)

Do you have any of these houseplants?

National Audubon Society

Help out local birds this year.

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Lavender, rosemary, and calendula are my three favorite herbs to craft with because they are simple to grow and have a great deal of healing properties.

See 18 crafty ways to use these herbs:

Frozen beauty.

Do you grow air plants?

I love this tillandsia display from Design Milk.

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Emergency Pugs

Dance like nobody is watching.

Artist Delicately Crafts Colorful Insects From Freshly Cut Flowers

This artist combines two of my favorite things: flowers and bugs!

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I heart moss. Do you?

This moss wall art is easy to make in about ten minutes.


Natural skincare is the best skincare.

Get Growing! - Garden Therapy

Have you heard about my brand new eBook? It has everything you need to start a successful garden from seed.

Little fluff ball.

Adding garden herbs to your regular morning tea is a great way to pack in some extra nutrients and flavor, like in this iced green tea with rose petals from 101 Cookbooks.

Get the recipe:

Utah State University Extension

A little post-holiday plant humor.

Ease Congestion With These DIY Eucalyptus Shower Steamers - Garden Therapy

Winter cold got you down? I always use these shower steamers to get some relief when I'm sick.

Happen Films

What a lovely idea.

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The zig-zag bridge in the Nitobe Memorial Garden represents a crossing that keeps evil out. In Japanese folklore, evil spirits can only travel in a straight line, so they would be unable to cross a bridge like this.

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Yates Gardening

It's never enough! What plant can you NOT live without?

This kokedama string garden display from Allow Me Event Design is absolutely stunning!

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Guardian Australia

Good for her!

11 New Year resolutions to help nature

Make it a goal to benefit nature this year.

These Easy & Economical Soil Blocks Will Change How You Garden - Garden Therapy

Seed-starting hack: use soil blocks and you won't need any containers at all!

Scientific American

Ever wonder why bees are so furry?

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Incense cedar and eucalyptus are both used in aromatherapy and are purported to calm the mind and improve focus.

See how I used these greens to create a decorative and fragrant wreath:


Turn waste into something wonderful.

This fresh bay leaf wreath from terrain is gorgeous, and I bet it smells lovely too!

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DOĞA Hayattır

These log carvings are incredible. Which one is your favorite?

Cold weather is good for you (really)

The upside to being cold.

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You can attach a plastic pump to a pretty Mason jar for an attractive soap dispenser.

I filled mine up with my own all-natural foaming hand soap. Get the recipe:

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Here is a little gift from me to you! Get your free copy and learn to craft with my three favorite healing herbs.

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Mastin Kipp

A little positivity boost for your day.

A stylish way to display ferns and other botanicals from Etsy artist Gems of The Soil.

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Animalkind Stories

Talk about a bird's-eye view!

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